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Master NLP Coach from Arizona Joins #TrumpStrategies #Toronto #RealEstate Event

June 5, 2015 1:43 pm | Leave your thoughts


Michael Bernoff is a leader in the personal and professional development industry. He works directly with individuals as well as corporate executives who desire to transform their corporate culture.

“For over a decade, I’ve had the good fortune and the opportunity to help tens of thousands of people in 37 different countries around the world achieve results they previously thought impossible,” Bernoff disclosed. “Some of the people I’ve helped are well known and others are normal everyday people…it doesn’t matter where you grew up, a big city or a small town, you knew people that always seemed to come out on top, and you knew people whose lives were filled with drama. Now for the first time you are about to learn why some people get what they want, others don’t, and how you can achieve any outcome you desire.”

Bernoff‘s dedication to positively impacting the world by empowering every individual is uncompromising. Event Coordinators Geoffery Edie and Lindsay R. Allison were inspired to host and organize the #TrumpStrategies for #RealEstate event after attending Michael Bernoff’s course, Core Strength, in October of 2014. Visit his website to learn more about him.

“If you’ve been to a therapist or tried motivation programs in the past, you’ve probably grown a little skeptical because you didn’t get the results you wanted,” Bernoff explained. “Listen, motivation is temporary and takes work to stay focused, if you’re lucky your motivation lasts for just 21 days. What you really need is to find out how you work and learn how to operate yourself to get what you want.”

Michael Bernoff will be travelling to Toronto, Canada from the beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona, as a keynote speaker for the #TrumpStrategies for #RealEstate event on June 20 2015.

His specialty lies in communication and persuasion. On June 20 he will be coaching on communication tactics and strategies, and how to build better rapport with the other side.

**CLICK HERE TO REGISTER – tickets are only $99.**

This is a preview of what Michael’s teachings will be like on June 20:


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