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Interview with Tony Robbins Coach – Toronto Real Estate Event

May 6, 2015 3:07 pm | Leave your thoughts


As a Certified Results Coach trained under Tony Robbins, Calvin Strachan (see “Morning Breakout Session”) possesses a motivational and inspirational coaching style that helps individuals reverse behavioural traits that slow them down or hold them back. He hosts high-energy workshops, live events, seminars, and coaching sessions in front of crowds or working one-on-one as a Certified Professional Coach.

Currently, Calvin runs the largest attending Power Group in the world, and he is right here in Toronto! Tony Robbins Power Groups are hosted all over the world to lead individuals down the path to achieving powerful success in all aspects of their lives.

Two years ago we attended Calvin‘s annual “Board Breaking Event”, which inspired us to break out of our comfort zones. And for any of you skeptics out there, YES, you actually break a REAL wooden board with your BARE hands! I can personally attest to that!

Calvin’s high-energy live events in Toronto combine professional networking, hands-on exercises, rousing presentations, and educational group discussions. He helps you pinpoint what’s holding you back, teaches you how to ascend beyond your circumstances, to start climbing over the glass ceiling, and achieve absolutely anything you set your mind to.

We are so excited, proud, honoured, and grateful to announce that Calvin will be speaking at the Trump Strategies for Real Estate by George H. Ross event on June 20 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Count yourself in today – seats are going fast.

Below is a preview of the interview (standing up, I happen to be super mini!!).

Watch the FULL interview with Calvin here (approx. 8mins long).

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Watch the FULL interview with Calvin here.





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