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Interview with Todor Yordanov – Toronto Real Estate Event

May 12, 2015 2:18 pm | Leave your thoughts


Todor Yordanov is a successful real estate agent and investor in Toronto. Mr. Yordanov has been in the real estate industry for a number of years, always soaring above and beyond average expectations. His experience and professionalism positions him as a true leader in the industry.

He currently runs one of the most successful real estate clubs in the City of Toronto — with over 1,200 members and growing. The Real Estate Investments Club is an invaluable resource for real estate investment strategies, with unlimited networking opportunities. Anyone who wants to find out more about real estate investing should attend.

In this interview, Mr. Yordanov offers us his insights on how to deal with rejection, how to deal with call reluctance, and how to make the most of the booming Toronto real estate market.

Learn from the best and join Todor Yordanov’s monthly Meeup group in Toronto. He will also help you find your dream home at yordanovteam.com.

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