The Event Co-ordinators

Geoff and Lindsay started EmersonRose Events Inc. after losing people they loved to cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.

Geoff’s mom, Vicki Pettigrew, was a single mom and a business owner. Vicki taught Geoff how to choose his own path, how to make his own way, and how to be resilient. She was determined, hard-working, and strong. She always supported and encouraged him to achieve his personal version of success. She worked most of her life as a hairdresser and stylist, running her own salon for over 20 years. At 61 she became suddenly ill and lost her battle with lung cancer in just 3 weeks.

Lindsay’s Grampa, Craig Allison, was a dreamer and an achiever. He loved playing baseball and ran his own business as a notary public of the common law. Even though he liked to joke around and have a good time, he was a very astute businessman. Craig taught Lindsay how not to focus on the problems, but the successes. In his actions he showed her to surround herself with good, honest people. He taught her that words are invaluable in how they are chosen.

Above all, Lindsay learned from him that it is not the ideas that we have, but the way that they are used — and that we can do whatever we put our minds to as long as we commit to doing our best.

After ongoing heart surgery it was determined that he would not survive. He died at the age of 67.

Like so many others, both Craig and Vicki were never able to retire. They worked hard all their lives to reap a well-deserved benefit that never came. The people that are loved and remembered carry on as the heart and soul of this foundation.


The Emerson in EmersonRose
Geoff first moved to Toronto in 2001 from the town of Dunnville, ON., where he became immersed in the film and television production industry. Geoff has built up a solid career in sales for the better part of the last decade. He is a real estate investor, public speaker, and sales trainer. Most of all - he likes to have fun. And laugh. (A lot!) With Geoff, you'll never have a dull moment.


The Rose in EmersonRose
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Lindsay has won various academic and writing awards, and is praised for her achievements in writing. Her first short story was published when she was only sixteen. She graduated with a BA Hons. from the University of Toronto in 2013. Lindsay loves working with people, learning about the cosmos, and figuring out how to make the environment we live in a better place.

At EmersonRose Events Inc., we empower people to take charge of their personal and professional lives. We live in a time of unprecedented opportunity, and life is too short to settle.


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Includes general admission to the event plus reserved front-row seating and V.I.P. dinner with George H. Ross after the event.

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Our audience is hungry, resilient, and motivated.

New and established entrepreneurs and business owners within the ages of 35­ – 65 will come to network and seek out information from today’s top thought leaders.

George Ross LIVE 2015